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Torg 2.0 Blog
Apr 232012

Below are the treasure hoards found in the “Boss'” chambers. I will be reviewing the Spellcraft/Knowledge: Arcana skills regarding identifying items and will make a decision sometime this week.

Coins 21000 gp
  1. Alexandrite (600 gp)
  2. Amber (60 gp)
  3. Banded Agate (14 gp)
  4. Black Opal (900 gp)
  5. Bloodstone (50 gp)
  6. Brown-green Garnet (80 gp)
  7. Carnelian (50 gp)
  8. Chalcedony (60 gp)
  9. Coral (130 gp)
  10. Emerald (600 gp)
  11. Jasper (60 gp)
  12. Jet (110 gp)
  13. Moss Agate (7 gp)
  14. Moss Agate (11 gp)
  15. Obsidian (15 gp)
  16. Rich Purple Corundum (1100 gp)
  17. Star Rose Quartz (20 gp)
  18. Star Ruby (1100 gp)
  19. Tourmaline (110 gp)
  20. White Pearl (120 gp)

Total value = 5197 gp

Magic Items
    1. Greatsword (Medium) (+2 weapon) (Opposite effect or target curse)   (8350 gp)
  • Longsword (Medium) (+3 weapon, Ki Focus) (32315 gp)
  • Ring of Improved Climbing (10000 gp)

Total value = 71665 gp

Total value 97862 gp
Hoard 2:
Coins 18000 gp
Magic Items
  • Arcane Scroll (Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (375 gp)) (total 375 gp)
  • Bracers of Armor (+4) (16000 gp) (Delusion curse)
  • Cloak of Arachnida (14000 gp)
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power (bronze griffon) (10000 gp)
  • Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (+3 shield) (9170 gp)
  • Ring of Protection (+3) (18000 gp)
  1. Studded Leather (Medium) (+2 armor) (Inscription provides clue to function(4175 gp)

Total value = 71720 gp

Total value 89720 gp
Apr 232012

Aridus Campaign Documents


Below is a list of all Aridus Campaign Documents sent out to date.  If new documents are added, this post will be updated to include them.

Aridus Cities
Aridus Cities
Aridus Cities.pdf
111.4 KiB
Aridus History
Aridus History
Aridus History.pdf
88.1 KiB
Aridus House Rules
Aridus House Rules
Aridus House Rules.pdf
91.3 KiB
Known Pantheon Of Aridus
Known Pantheon Of Aridus
Known Pantheon of Aridus.pdf
83.8 KiB
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Apr 232012

Torg New Players Guide

Hopefully, this post will give New Players an idea of what Torg is, and how to roll up a character.

Start with the Torg Character Creation / House Rules document (also called Torg.pdf on dropbox).

This document covers the absolute basics of character creation.  It gives a brief description of each “world” your character can be from and the character options from each.  This document contains everything you’ll need to create a basic character (which is what everyone is starting out as anyway.)

The document also talks about special abilities (beyond the basics) and gives a brief description of them, but does not go into the rules for those abilities.  If you create a character with special abilities, those abilities will be added to your character within the first few sessions of play, during which time I’ll provide you with the necessary additional rules for those abilities.

The Torg Players Rules document provides detailed skill and equipment descriptions and some basics of game play.  It also goes into some of the rules for certian special abilities, but beware; these rules are overridden by more detailed rules provided in other books.  Please note: sections of this book have been redacted to avoid spoilers and to remove rules and option we won’t be using.  What the player needs to start is there, however.

Finally, you can get the Torg Character Sheet here.  This is an excel sheet that I have developed myself.  It uses my houserules, so please use this sheet.

If you are looking for character ideas, take a look at the Templates.  These are sample characters that you can use to get an idea what what’s possible.  By no means are you limited to these concepts, however.

I’m going to have everyone roll up two or three characters.  One from Core Earth, one from any other realm.  The logic behind this is that the game is about saving Core Earth.  I want everyone to have a character that has a stake in that.  Also, I want to try to have every realm represented by the PCs.  If you have to roll up more than one character, you’re more likely to play something you would not normally consider.

On a side note, I’m looking for a few character concepts to be in PC hands.  You don’t have to create one of these concepts, but if you do, I’ll kick down something extra to your character in game (a stat bump, an ability or some extra equipment).  If no one wants to fill these concepts with PC’s, that’s fine too, I’ll just make make them into NPCs.  The concepts I’m looking for are as follows:

1.  A Police Officer or Police Detective (maybe even FBI).
2.  An NSA or Secret Service Agent
3.  A military fighter pilot
4.  An Archeologist
5.  An x-KGB agent

Apr 232012

I’ve created a new excel character sheet for TORG.

It’ll automate the creation of 90% of all characters.  The other 10% will need some manual entry, but there’s space provided.

You’ll also need to manually enter equipment.  I may automate that in a future version.

Please use this sheet for all your TORG characters, as my house rules are built in.

TORG 2.0 Character Sheet
TORG 2.0 Character Sheet
TORG char sheet.xlsm
Version: 2.0
405.1 KiB
Feb 092012

Aridus Campaign Document Links

Below are links to documentation to help in preparation for the Aridus campaign. Keep in mind that some of the information may, and will likely change in the coming months as things progress and are refined before play begins. 


The Pantheon is a mixure of Pathfinder deities and homegrown deities. If you see something that seems out of place, or that might need to be changed to fit better, let me know.



Approved/Non-Approved Books:

For the most part this is the finalized list. However, I may make changes as it gets closer to game time.



Aridus Player Races/Classes:

Available races are from Pathfinder or the homegrown Treydacht. For existing players who are of the “new” races, dont worry about being shafted, I have some things planned. And yes I am going to mention it… there will be no pixie ninjas…  ever…


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Dec 302011

Hi All,

I created some D&D 4.0 style card templates for Saga Edition Talents, Feats, Powers and the like.  I only a made a few example cards, but they are in Word format, so are easily editable for you to make a set for your character.

They are poker sized cards (2.5″ x 3.5″), and print nicely on a 3×5 index card.

Most of you won’t have the font I used (Tungsten Medium), but you can just as easily use Agency FB or Arial Narrow.  Let me know and I’ll get you the Tungsten Font.

Saga Card Templates
Saga Card Templates
Version: 1.0
408.0 KiB
Nov 272011

Forget the Omegadex! Instead behold the mighty power of Kuat Data Systems’  ‘Mega Omega Dex!’ Harnessing the combined computing power of every node on the HoloNet, the Mega Omega Dex is faster and more versatile than anything that has come before. I present to you… the Mega Omega Dex.

Using the Mega Omega Dex

Using the Mega Omega Dex is easy. Simply replace anything after the ‘=’ with the term you want to search for. For example, to search the Dex for ‘Bothan’, type ‘torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=bothan

You can also search the Dex for encounters by CL. Just type ‘cl<challenge level>’ after the ‘=’. ‘torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=CL20‘ will return all CL 20 encounters indexed.

Finally, you can use the Dex to bring up everything in an entire book. Just type ‘bk<book code>’ after the ‘=’. ‘http://torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=bkcore‘ will find everything in the CORE rule book.

Linking the Dex to your books.

The Mega Omega Dex is capable of linking to the correct book and page with one click. The Dex does rely on a few conventions. First all of your Saga Edition Book PDFs must be in the same folder. The Dex also expects the first page of any pdf to be a cover page, and for the actual book (page one) to start on page 2 of the pdf. Finally, the Dex expects the books to be named ‘.pdf’. For example the Core Rule Book would be named CORE.pdf.

I’ve recompiled the pdf’s and shared them on dropbox. Please PM me for an invite.

By default, Chrome and Firefox do not open links from the local system on remote pages. We’ll need an extension to take care of this. I use LocalLinks for chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jllpkdkcdjndhggodimiphkghogcpida. You can get similar extensions for Firefox.

Once you have your files in one location, and local links enabled, you’ll need to tell the Dex where to find your files. Click on ‘settings’ at the bottom of any search and type in the full path to your books. Be sure to include the trailing slash. Click “Submit” and your’e done. This sets a cookie. Note: I have not tested this on Linux.

Using the Dex with Chrome.

To get the most out of the Mega Omega Dex, you should use it in the Chrome Web Browser. Chrome will allow you to easilly set up the Dex as a search engine.

Right click on your address bar and click on ‘Edit Search Engines’. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see three text boxes, starting with “Add a new search engine.” In “Add a new search engine” enter “MegaOmegaDex!”, in “Keyword” enter “s” and in “URL” enter “http://torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=%s” Click elsewhere on the page to accept changes, and then close that tab.

Now anytime you want to do a search, just type “s” then ” ” (that’s a space) then your search, and hit enter.

Apr 242011

Here are some new rules for determining the DC and Travel times for astrogation (Computer use) checks.

They have been adapted from the old RCR system to work with Saga and are a bit more detailed than what Saga provides.

Please use these rules going forward when making astrogation checks.

Astrogate Rules - Saga
Astrogate Rules - Saga
1.2 MiB