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Feb 092012

Aridus Campaign Document Links

Below are links to documentation to help in preparation for the Aridus campaign. Keep in mind that some of the information may, and will likely change in the coming months as things progress and are refined before play begins. 


The Pantheon is a mixure of Pathfinder deities and homegrown deities. If you see something that seems out of place, or that might need to be changed to fit better, let me know.



Approved/Non-Approved Books:

For the most part this is the finalized list. However, I may make changes as it gets closer to game time.



Aridus Player Races/Classes:

Available races are from Pathfinder or the homegrown Treydacht. For existing players who are of the “new” races, dont worry about being shafted, I have some things planned. And yes I am going to mention it… there will be no pixie ninjas…  ever…


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