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Apr 232012

Below are the treasure hoards found in the “Boss'” chambers. I will be reviewing the Spellcraft/Knowledge: Arcana skills regarding identifying items and will make a decision sometime this week.

Coins 21000 gp
  1. Alexandrite (600 gp)
  2. Amber (60 gp)
  3. Banded Agate (14 gp)
  4. Black Opal (900 gp)
  5. Bloodstone (50 gp)
  6. Brown-green Garnet (80 gp)
  7. Carnelian (50 gp)
  8. Chalcedony (60 gp)
  9. Coral (130 gp)
  10. Emerald (600 gp)
  11. Jasper (60 gp)
  12. Jet (110 gp)
  13. Moss Agate (7 gp)
  14. Moss Agate (11 gp)
  15. Obsidian (15 gp)
  16. Rich Purple Corundum (1100 gp)
  17. Star Rose Quartz (20 gp)
  18. Star Ruby (1100 gp)
  19. Tourmaline (110 gp)
  20. White Pearl (120 gp)

Total value = 5197 gp

Magic Items
    1. Greatsword (Medium) (+2 weapon) (Opposite effect or target curse)   (8350 gp)
  • Longsword (Medium) (+3 weapon, Ki Focus) (32315 gp)
  • Ring of Improved Climbing (10000 gp)

Total value = 71665 gp

Total value 97862 gp
Hoard 2:
Coins 18000 gp
Magic Items
  • Arcane Scroll (Magic Circle against Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (375 gp)) (total 375 gp)
  • Bracers of Armor (+4) (16000 gp) (Delusion curse)
  • Cloak of Arachnida (14000 gp)
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power (bronze griffon) (10000 gp)
  • Heavy Steel Shield (Medium) (+3 shield) (9170 gp)
  • Ring of Protection (+3) (18000 gp)
  1. Studded Leather (Medium) (+2 armor) (Inscription provides clue to function(4175 gp)

Total value = 71720 gp

Total value 89720 gp
Apr 232012

Aridus Campaign Documents


Below is a list of all Aridus Campaign Documents sent out to date.  If new documents are added, this post will be updated to include them.

Aridus Cities
Aridus Cities
Aridus Cities.pdf
111.4 KiB
Aridus History
Aridus History
Aridus History.pdf
88.1 KiB
Aridus House Rules
Aridus House Rules
Aridus House Rules.pdf
91.3 KiB
Known Pantheon Of Aridus
Known Pantheon Of Aridus
Known Pantheon of Aridus.pdf
83.8 KiB
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Feb 092012

Aridus Campaign Document Links

Below are links to documentation to help in preparation for the Aridus campaign. Keep in mind that some of the information may, and will likely change in the coming months as things progress and are refined before play begins. 


The Pantheon is a mixure of Pathfinder deities and homegrown deities. If you see something that seems out of place, or that might need to be changed to fit better, let me know.



Approved/Non-Approved Books:

For the most part this is the finalized list. However, I may make changes as it gets closer to game time.



Aridus Player Races/Classes:

Available races are from Pathfinder or the homegrown Treydacht. For existing players who are of the “new” races, dont worry about being shafted, I have some things planned. And yes I am going to mention it… there will be no pixie ninjas…  ever…


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