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Apr 232012

Torg New Players Guide

Hopefully, this post will give New Players an idea of what Torg is, and how to roll up a character.

Start with the Torg Character Creation / House Rules document (also called Torg.pdf on dropbox).

This document covers the absolute basics of character creation.  It gives a brief description of each “world” your character can be from and the character options from each.  This document contains everything you’ll need to create a basic character (which is what everyone is starting out as anyway.)

The document also talks about special abilities (beyond the basics) and gives a brief description of them, but does not go into the rules for those abilities.  If you create a character with special abilities, those abilities will be added to your character within the first few sessions of play, during which time I’ll provide you with the necessary additional rules for those abilities.

The Torg Players Rules document provides detailed skill and equipment descriptions and some basics of game play.  It also goes into some of the rules for certian special abilities, but beware; these rules are overridden by more detailed rules provided in other books.  Please note: sections of this book have been redacted to avoid spoilers and to remove rules and option we won’t be using.  What the player needs to start is there, however.

Finally, you can get the Torg Character Sheet here.  This is an excel sheet that I have developed myself.  It uses my houserules, so please use this sheet.

If you are looking for character ideas, take a look at the Templates.  These are sample characters that you can use to get an idea what what’s possible.  By no means are you limited to these concepts, however.

I’m going to have everyone roll up two or three characters.  One from Core Earth, one from any other realm.  The logic behind this is that the game is about saving Core Earth.  I want everyone to have a character that has a stake in that.  Also, I want to try to have every realm represented by the PCs.  If you have to roll up more than one character, you’re more likely to play something you would not normally consider.

On a side note, I’m looking for a few character concepts to be in PC hands.  You don’t have to create one of these concepts, but if you do, I’ll kick down something extra to your character in game (a stat bump, an ability or some extra equipment).  If no one wants to fill these concepts with PC’s, that’s fine too, I’ll just make make them into NPCs.  The concepts I’m looking for are as follows:

1.  A Police Officer or Police Detective (maybe even FBI).
2.  An NSA or Secret Service Agent
3.  A military fighter pilot
4.  An Archeologist
5.  An x-KGB agent

Apr 232012

I’ve created a new excel character sheet for TORG.

It’ll automate the creation of 90% of all characters.  The other 10% will need some manual entry, but there’s space provided.

You’ll also need to manually enter equipment.  I may automate that in a future version.

Please use this sheet for all your TORG characters, as my house rules are built in.

TORG 2.0 Character Sheet
TORG 2.0 Character Sheet
TORG char sheet.xlsm
Version: 2.0
405.1 KiB