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Nov 272011

Forget the Omegadex! Instead behold the mighty power of Kuat Data Systems’  ‘Mega Omega Dex!’ Harnessing the combined computing power of every node on the HoloNet, the Mega Omega Dex is faster and more versatile than anything that has come before. I present to you… the Mega Omega Dex.

Using the Mega Omega Dex

Using the Mega Omega Dex is easy. Simply replace anything after the ‘=’ with the term you want to search for. For example, to search the Dex for ‘Bothan’, type ‘torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=bothan

You can also search the Dex for encounters by CL. Just type ‘cl<challenge level>’ after the ‘=’. ‘torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=CL20‘ will return all CL 20 encounters indexed.

Finally, you can use the Dex to bring up everything in an entire book. Just type ‘bk<book code>’ after the ‘=’. ‘http://torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=bkcore‘ will find everything in the CORE rule book.

Linking the Dex to your books.

The Mega Omega Dex is capable of linking to the correct book and page with one click. The Dex does rely on a few conventions. First all of your Saga Edition Book PDFs must be in the same folder. The Dex also expects the first page of any pdf to be a cover page, and for the actual book (page one) to start on page 2 of the pdf. Finally, the Dex expects the books to be named ‘.pdf’. For example the Core Rule Book would be named CORE.pdf.

I’ve recompiled the pdf’s and shared them on dropbox. Please PM me for an invite.

By default, Chrome and Firefox do not open links from the local system on remote pages. We’ll need an extension to take care of this. I use LocalLinks for chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jllpkdkcdjndhggodimiphkghogcpida. You can get similar extensions for Firefox.

Once you have your files in one location, and local links enabled, you’ll need to tell the Dex where to find your files. Click on ‘settings’ at the bottom of any search and type in the full path to your books. Be sure to include the trailing slash. Click “Submit” and your’e done. This sets a cookie. Note: I have not tested this on Linux.

Using the Dex with Chrome.

To get the most out of the Mega Omega Dex, you should use it in the Chrome Web Browser. Chrome will allow you to easilly set up the Dex as a search engine.

Right click on your address bar and click on ‘Edit Search Engines’. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see three text boxes, starting with “Add a new search engine.” In “Add a new search engine” enter “MegaOmegaDex!”, in “Keyword” enter “s” and in “URL” enter “http://torg2.com/swmaps/megadex.php?s=%s” Click elsewhere on the page to accept changes, and then close that tab.

Now anytime you want to do a search, just type “s” then ” ” (that’s a space) then your search, and hit enter.

Apr 242011

Here are some new rules for determining the DC and Travel times for astrogation (Computer use) checks.

They have been adapted from the old RCR system to work with Saga and are a bit more detailed than what Saga provides.

Please use these rules going forward when making astrogation checks.

Astrogate Rules - Saga
Astrogate Rules - Saga
1.2 MiB